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double wall, vacuum sealed to prevent sweating and maintain the temperature of your beverage for longer, hot or cold.

each byta is BPA-free and toxin free. holds 16OZ / 473ML and includes a shatter proof lid.

5.75" H x 3.25" W

each byta is made from high grade stainless steel. the lid is made of a shatter proof material called tritan.

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himalayan pink

fog gray backorder: fog gray ships in 5-6 weeks

california poppy orange backorder: california poppy orange ships in 2-3 weeks

deep sea blue backorder: deep sea blue ships in 2-3 weeks

moss green backorder: moss green ships in 2-3 weeks

supernova 1987a backorder: supernova 1987a ships in 5-6 weeks

moon backorder: moon ships in 2-3 weeks

dark matter

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the facts

the earth can’t digest plastic and it can’t sustain the increasing amount of waste we produce. each year paper and plastic cups end up in oceans and landfills where they don’t break down. with byta, you can reduce your contribution to global waste as you enjoy your favorite beverage. carry it with you. byta is change with each use.

holds medium size

keeps beverages hotter / colder for longer

saves you money

your impact

by choosing byta, you’re choosing to help rid the world of the 500 billion disposable cups produced every year and 1 million disposable cups that end up in landfills every minute.

by choosing byta, not only are you helping repair the world but you’re saving money. many establishments offer discounts for bringing your own cup. your byta pays for itself while saving the environment.

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give back

we’re proud to support ocean and forest conservation.
proceeds from each byta are donated to Ocean Conservancy and the Environmental Defense Fund.